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Moraga LBP was born under the aegis of Moraga & Co., a Chilean law firm with over 20 years of experience, and comprised of professionals with various specialties that pool their abilities and experience for the purposes of dealing with our client’s needs, envisioning results in reasonable timeframes, while always considering the regulatory and commercial environment of our country.

Indeed, our LBP team of lawyers, engineers and auditors are graduated from the most prestigious universities in the country, and are all trained to execute several parts and phases of the traditionally complex strategies designed specifically for our Asian clients.

This wealth of experience, allows us to deal with the many, but also typical issues faced by Asian companies when doing business in Chile which, among others, encompass the business establishment, tax, due diligence, environmental and regulatory compliance, financial advising and reporting, and auditing.

Chile -with its connections with other regional markets, its solid political and banking system, and its several commercial agreement with the region- is the natural place for investments from Asia to develop their business in the Latam region.

That is why our Chilean based LBP is focused on providing a wide array of professional services to Asian companies, in order to assist them in the cultural differences between Asia and Chile, from their setup of their Chile/Latam business operations, and all the way to a major project financing operation in the region, should they ever need one.



Latin America presents wealth opportunities


What we do

Only to be sure that our message is conveyed correctly, we would like to illustrate the expertise of our LBP team covers, listing some of the most typical advise we are asked to give on:

•Legal, commercial and financial issues
•Government and government related affairs
•Compliance (Criminal, Financial and Environmental)
•Capital markets;
•Business management, including accounts, payroll, budgeting, forecasting;
•Corporate and personal tax; and other services such as VAT, audit and assurance, financial reporting and turnaround & recovery.


With 650,000,000 habitants, more than 22,000,000 km2 of surface, and sharing mainly one language and culture, Latin America presents a wealth of opportunities to different sized companies in many different areas.

Along with a renewed vitality in several industry and natural resources related sectors, a fast-growing middle class, the prevalence of only two dominant languages, and a closely connected business culture across the region, the ease of conducting business has never been more tangible.
Taking the time to truly appreciate and understand Latin America’s potential may be the smartest business decision an investor can make.

That being said, a regional hub would attract companies to build closer relationships with customers, more effectively manage partners and be more alert to new business opportunities in many areas:

•Natural Resources
•Public Infrastructure

Chile represents the best place in the region to invest

Within this context, Chile represents the best place in the region to invest and to place your company’s hub.

•Risk-ratings agencies have increased or maintained their high ratings for the country, highlighting its low level of public debt, the health of its financial system and its solid institutions.

•Thanks to its political and economic stability, disposition to trade, legal security and excellent growth prospects, Chile has maintained an attractive and dynamic business climate for investors.

•All of the former, combined with an active policy of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements, has underpinned a sustained increase in foreign trade in goods and services and in the country’s international competitiveness, consolidating its position as an active international partner.

•Chile’s courtrooms and arbitral proceedings have long been recognized as trustworthy, and their rulings are completely enforceable in any WTO and ICSID courtroom.

•Human capital is one of Chile’s main comparative advantages, drawing attention to the high standards achieved by the country’s universities and, particularly, its law and business schools.

•Chile offers a perfect mixture of natural beauty, public safety, political stability and modern infrastructure. It’s the perfect place to live.


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